Infrared Thermography & Inspections

A Non-invasive Method of Diagnostic Analysis:

Providing Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Services for Industrial - Commercial - Residential and Equine applications as a solution to a vast number of diagnostic problems which can be evaluated by the altered heat signature which all things on earth emit.

We service Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis,Tennessee and other select National locations.  We also work in Association with a dozen strategically located Thermographers across the United States. 

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Infrared thermal imaging (or thermography) is a time-tested scientific application of measuring thermal energy, or the temperature of objects around us. 

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Infrared inspection technology has recently become more popular as advanced electronic technology has made the thermal imaging equipment more affordable whereby it can be utilized as a cost effective means of identifying adverse conditions all around us.

Everything around us has a specific heat signature and emits infrared light in different proportions, referred to as emissivity.This emitted heat is absorbed from other heat sources around it and is re-emitted, or is the source of the generated heat. 

Unlike the reflected light our eyes see, the infrared camera sees heat energy which is radiated from objects as well as reflected from other heat sources. The thermal imaging equipment can virtually "see in the dark".

When conditions change in a viewed object, a temperature differential or anomaly becomes apparent. Identification of exactly what the anomaly is must be further investigated with other testing equipment to verify the source.

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Advantages of infrared thermal imaging is that non-contact temperature acquisition can be obtained without touching the object. This is particularly advantageous when we are not able to access the object  (for safety reasons) or that a system must otherwise be shut down for evaluation.

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Two-dimensional evaluations can be made by comparing the temperature of multiple targets within the same scan. This temperature differential between like objects produces the anomalies which we seek.

Thermal imaging is real-time. It is not necessary to wait for processing of images and immediate evaluations can be obtained.


Based in Clarksville TN,  accessibility to economic air travel is available to many National locations which extends our infrared thermal inspection services well beyond the Middle Tenn areas. 

If you are located in an area serviced by Southwest Airlines out of their hub in Nashville (BNA) contact Tennessee Thermal Imaging & Inspections with your Infrared Thermography needs. We also have affiliate Thermographers in which we work in close association with that can handle your situation at a local level.

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