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Infrared Thermal Imaging for Commercial Building Inspection

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The most popular use of thermal imaging in a commercial inspection application is electrical evaluation.

Power distribution panels, over-current action devices, electrical conductors and electrical switch gear can be evaluated for imbalanced load, overloaded conductors and loose electrical connections. Cable tray systems can be evaluated and sources of inductive heating caused by phase separation can be located.


Other infrared thermal applications include HVAC performance, maintenance and efficiency. Motor performance evaluation. Building envelope evaluations addressing air infiltration/exfiltration and moisture intrusion. Roofing evaluations to determine leakage and location of moisture intrusion. Plumbing leaks and blockage. Insulated glass failure.


During initial construction, evaluation of construction practices can be verified and evaluated through infrared inspections.


Installation voids, air leakage, structural defects, poor workmanship and moisture ingress are frequently located.

Building performance as a completed unit can be thermally evaluated.

courtesy of Dayton Infrared Thermal Inspection

Air infiltration causes 30%  efficiency loss or more.

 courtesy of Dayton Infrared Thermal Inspection

Window component failure.

The application of infrared thermal imaging is virtually endless. If you have a building problem, call us today and we will discuss the applications and infrared thermal inspections that can save you significant time and resources.