Industrial Thermal Imaging Applications

Infrared Thermal Imaging for Electrical Applications


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Electrical inspection is a primary use for infrared thermal imaging and industrial manufacturing. The evaluation of substation components, power distribution, overcurrent device evaluation, phase balancing, switchgear, cable tray inspection, location of inductive heating caused by phase separation is most common.

Electric motors represent over 70% of manufacturers electric bill. Motor winding and bearing performance assist in predictive maintenance scheduling and reduces downtime.


Battery-operated equipment such as forklifts, pose potentially hazardous conditions to workers through potentially explosive conditions. Battery evaluation under trickle charge can indicate serious problems. This power is the current squared times resistance. The ratio of power dissipation from a 100 milliamp trickle charge to 100 amps full power is 1 million times!

Mechanical Applications

All mechanical systems generate thermal energy during normal operation. Excessive amounts of friction can be caused by wear, misalignment, over or under lubrication and misuse. Heat is the result of efficiency loss of any mechanical component and can be converted and represented in an amount of increased operating costs.

Thermal scans of belts, gearboxes, bearings, chain drives, couplings, conveyor systems, process equipment,  insulation integrity, hydraulic systems, piping systems, air transport systems, air compressors, HVAC heating and cooling coils, heating equipment, leaking valves, steam traps and energy delivery systems in general can be evaluated.


Baseline infrared surveys are very important for mechanical systems. Documentation of equipment operating within proper parameters or newly installed equipment should be evaluated for future comparison evaluation.

Expansion Tank Level

Other mechanical equipment that can be inspected with thermography are motors and their associated components, gasoline and diesel engines, heat exchangers, piping systems, boilers and furnaces, refractory losses, valves, vessels and tank levels in condition and multiple during transport systems (conveyors).