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I am an ITC Certified Level III Thermographer and am certified in Building Science Thermography.

I began using infrared thermal imaging while conducting building inspections to identify deficiencies in the building envelope which allows air infiltration and moisture intrusion to occur as well as evaluation of electrical, plumbing components and mechanical equipment.

Thermal imaging has many uses and is only limited to the imagination of the thermographer.

Prior to using infrared imaging equipment, I was an HVAC systems design and diagnostic engineer. A strong background in psychometrics and understanding heat flow principles in mechanical equipment has improved my understanding in the use of thermal imaging and my ability to more accurately diagnose the thermal anomalies identified with this technology.

My thermodynamic background originates from attending a continuing education program at Minuteman Tech, Bedford, M.A. and completion of an HVAC system design degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

I became certified as a building science thermographer at the infrared training center (ITC) at Flir Corp., North Billerica, MA. (certification # 33784).

I continued my thermal imaging training by obtaining Level I Certification at (ITC) Clarksville, TN. (Certification # 1958).

I completed Level II Certification  at (ITC) Nashville, TN. (Certification #  1958 ).

I completed Level III Certification  at (ITC) North Billerica, MA. (Certification #  1958 ).

I hold a certificate of completion by completing the requirements for InterNACHI's infrared certification program. This program includes additional course requirements in Green Building Technology.

I have developed and assisted in  the development of several continuing education programs directly related to infrared thermal imaging.

 We have acquired  thermal imaging equipment with a much higher sensitivity and temperature capabilities and are expanding the applications in which we use the principles of infrared thermography. These areas include commercial/industrial/ production equipment and  equine veterinary applications.