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BPI Certified Energy Auditor serving the Nashville, TN areas.

Energy efficiency

Gold Star and Silver Star programs to increase the efficiency of your buildings performance!

This program focuses on increasing building efficiency by prioritizing repairs that have the most cost effective to performance improvement ratio!

Buying new windows or HVAC equipment does not always produce a significant savings and return on your investment in comparison with other measures that address thermal bypass (air leakage) and thermal bridging (ineffective insulation) which are much less costly and more effective in retaining the energy utilized to condition your home.

A critical step in performing weatherization repairs on your home is to maintain your health and safety during the process.

Any changes you make to your home may change conditions which are hazardous to your health and safety.

Many of the energy auditing programs available do not adequately address these significant concerns!

If you seal up just one window in your home, you may potentially change the performance of the appliances in your home which may cause carbon monoxide poisoning or other indoor air quality issues.

It is of utmost importance that your home be properly tested before and after weatherization practices are performed, not only to ensure the effectiveness of the repair but to ensure the safety of you and your family!