Energy Audit - Weatherization Warning!


One in five homes weatherized in Tennessee uses more energy than before their energy audit and weatherization repairs!

After spending over $100 million dollars of federal stimulus money on over 1000 homes in the State of Tennessee, investigative reporters have found not only did much of the money go to waste but it actually reduced the efficiency of some homes repaired under the weatherization program.

I have been preaching for years that purchasing new windows and doors or high efficient HVAC equipment is the last priority on your weatherization list.

Well the proof is now in the pudding!

Windows and Doors may not be totally efficient but replacing them with high efficient replacements does not solve the problem when the installation practices of new windows are substandard and installation results in more air leaks "around" the window then "through" the window.

Adding a High-Efficiency HVAC unit does not save any money if the building it is attached to is substandard.

This is an Investigative Report conducted by News Channel 5 in Nashville that reveals significant statistics concerning energy audits and the weatherization programs implemented under the Obama stimulus act.

Programs like BPI (Building Performance Institute) were programs designed for specially trained energy auditors to test buildings prior to a contractor making renovations to your property. 

A test out procedure is also conducted after weatherization repairs have been completed to determine the extent of improvements made.

Also, a critical part of this test out procedure is to ensure that the work performed on your building has not produced indoor air quality problems "hazardous to your health"!

If one window is sealed in a weatherization project, the building must be properly evaluated to ensure hazardous conditions such as carbon monoxide, radon gas infiltration, moisture infiltration from the air which promotes colonization of mold are not present.

Unfortunately the "Home Star Program" (BPI) died in the Senate about the time that the News Channel 5 Investigative Reporter conducted this investigation.

The Weatherization Program was a job stimulus plan which failed miserably in improving the green footprint of our residential homes!

This video indicates that energy auditors are unqualified. When I last renewed my inspector's license in Tennessee they were begging for energy auditors. When I looked into the program I was told that my college degree, past experience and Certification from BPI was insufficient to perform low income housing energy audits under the State Program. I was required to take the  TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) program curriculum. When I contacted TVA, I was told that the program curriculum was closed at that time and they would call me if they needed me. I never received the call!

So I continued to perform my building assessment investigations for engineers and architects as well as high-end residential homeowners who are not after some free government money, rather actual performance improvements on their buildings.

The issues associated with energy efficiency loss are directly related to conditions that accelerate deterioration of the building and produce health hazards through indoor air quality deficiencies.

Due to the expense of test equipment we utilize and the amount of time to correctly assess building performance, our energy/building assessment program may not be economically feasible to everyone in every case. We cannot perform a $150 energy assessment like the Tennessee Valley Authority and provide any more information than they do. However, if improvements on your building have degraded or have not made a significant change in your energy bills, a full and complete building assessment is the only available process that will identify and document the deficiencies that the standard energy audit did not identify.

Reminder: an energy audit is like the mile per gallon sticker on a new car. It is an approximate number set by the EPA. Depending on how you drive, your mileage will vary! 

If your experiencing comfort issues or believe your fuel bills are excessive, a building energy assessment should be considered.

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