Weatherization On The Lighter Side, or is it?

 Weatherization and energy audit blunders and fraudulent abuse…

Not only limited to the state of Tennessee.

In actuality, Tennessee has weatherized considerably more personal residences than many states who received millions of dollars in federal funds and only weatherized a handful if any residential homes.

So where did the money go?

We find ourselves asking that question all too often these days.

On the ironic lighter side, Jon Stewart can still put a smile on our face in spite of this unfortunate reality:

Fortunately for us in Nashville Tennessee, there are some capable contractors available to reduce our carbon footprint at home. It's just a matter of adequately screening them.

If your weatherization contractor does not include a testing procedure before and after work is performed, you should seek out an independent qualified building analyst.

At Tennessee Thermal Imaging we perform state-of-the-art building analysis on all types of building problems for other professionals such as engineering firms and architectural firms.

Let us help you find the appropriate weatherization contractor to fit your needs.

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