Franklin TN Thermal Home Inspection Find

While conducting a thermal imaging home inspection for the client of Ann Skiera of Zeitlin Reators, Franklin, TN., I was evaluating the performance of a high-efficiency electric water heater with my thermal imaging camera. As only one electric element operates at any given time in an electric water heater, it is difficult to determine if both elements are good. I used my thermal camera after running the hot water at all the plumbing fixtures to determine if both elements have recently been energized.

During my evaluation of this extremely high efficient/insulated water heater, I observed a thermal anomaly below the lower heating element.
No active water leakage was present on the exterior of the appliance but after removal of service panels, evidence of active leakage was verified.

The water heater was less than four years old and in good condition. This was an unexpected find that could have easily gone unnoticed.