FYI: We have "I hate Nate" and "I love Nate" t-shirts at our booth in A.C. next week.

NACHI - Tue, 04/16/2013 - 13:42
$14.99 each. Nathan is offering a $2 subsidy if you add a RecallChek logo to them ;-).

New York State Continuing Education

NACHI - Tue, 04/16/2013 - 11:50
Do the hourly credits taken online qualify for New York State Continuing education credits?

Gauging Solar Loading

IRINFO - Mon, 04/15/2013 - 13:36
Did you know that an automobile can be used to gauge solar loading? Under the correct conditions, a parked car can serve as a cheap, but effective, pyranometer.

North Texas Meeting

NACHI - Sun, 04/14/2013 - 23:06
Are there any North Texas members who want to get together for a monthly or quarterly dinner? I'll organize it. I would have it somewhere in North Dallas or Plano. For those who live far and away maybe we can pull one off in your neighborhood. Idea. Eat at a restaurant where we can have a speaker or just tell war stories. If past leaders remember how we got some CEU for it let me know. I'll push the cart for a while.

Atlanta Georgia Home Inspectors

NACHI - Sun, 04/14/2013 - 19:26
Superior Home Inspections provides high quality thorough inspections for homes, townhomes, multiplexes, duplexes, condos, commercial buildings, farm homes, mid-rise, high-rise and so much more.

We offer Radon testing, Mold air sampling and Thermal imaging. We've completed over 5000 inspections.

We service metro Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Norcross, Cumming, Buford, Sugar Hill and surrounding areas.

We do not sell or offer any gimmicks, no x-ray vision, fake promises, warranties, insurance claims, or smoke and mirrors.

Just a visual transparent professional experienced inspection. Please visit any of my sites and feel free to call or email with questions and scheduling.

Adjustable Mixing Valve

NACHI - Sun, 04/14/2013 - 17:52
I saw my first adjustable mixing valve on a hot water tank at a 30 day warranty inspection today. When I cranked it up the temperature measured at a nearby laundry tub was 54C. Not too impressed.
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Today was the third best day of my life: InterNACHI just topped 100,000,000 hits!

NACHI - Sun, 04/14/2013 - 17:41
14,880,562 unique visitors performed over 100 million separate page loads:

100,000,000... That's a lot of zeros.

License Renewal

NACHI - Sun, 04/14/2013 - 17:37
I am trying to take some courses to renew my license.. But All the courses i chose say i took them in 2010.. How do I get them to say 2013.. For example i just took the roofing inspection course twice now and I keeps saying it was completed in 2010.. Am i missing something?

Fieldstone Foundation

NACHI - Sun, 04/14/2013 - 08:19
Hi, Everyone
I am a first time home buyer and have a potential foundation problem which i have been unable to find a picture or similar description off after many hours of internet research. First off the house was built in the 30's- 50's not sure exact date and is a single level deatached about 800 sq ft with a full basement. The foundation is fieldstone composed of flat slabs of granite and is well mortared and in very good condition ( no apparent waterleaks or moisture after snow melt and major rain storms. Realtor advised that she has never seem a fieldstone in such great condition). My location is just east of Toronto, Ontario. Also there are about 6 or seven lally columns throughout the basement. I have a home inspector coming in tomorrow but i would like to get several opinions on what this could be and how serious it is.

On the wall facing the front of the house a section of the foundation wall appears to be missing from the basement roof down about 2 feet vertical and about 3-4 feet in length horizontal. The wall under the missing section seems to be smooth and level as if by design, and no obvious modifications or repairs that i can tell. The foundation in that area does not buldge or lean either so i'm perplexed as to why it's like this. In the area where i believe the foundation should be there is a gap or recessed area about 2-3 feet deep that tapers from 2 feet at it's widest down to nothing as it heads further from foundation of the house towards the front door stone patio. This void has stones and soil inside and is not moist even after rain . It is very hard for me to describe so i hope i have provided a good verbal description of what i am seeing. Hoping it is something minor and i can just fill the gap with gravel and sand and build the wall over the hole. Thanks for your help.

This linked picture is the closest i could find to describe what i am seeing behind the area of potential missing foundation.

Is this patching?

NACHI - Sun, 04/14/2013 - 07:53
This is an area on the home that is heavily shaded by a large tree and has a down spout that terminates here too. Im thinking that its possible that at some time the water shed from the roof pooled up in this corner before gutters were installed and the owners may have made an attempt to seal up this area due to leaking inside. It may still pool up here but it hard to tell with all the vegetation.
But there was no evidence of any leaking on the interior materials on the other side of the wall.

The area was covered in vines and I almost did not see what was going on here at first. Ive just never encountered anything like this and needed a second opinion from someone who may have seen something similar.

This material is covering the brick and mortar. Its black in color and somewhat brittle since broke some off to check it out.
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Serious about gardening

NACHI - Sat, 04/13/2013 - 22:32
These people were serious about there gardening. special watering valves. This greenhouse had 2 swamp coolers, 1 gas furnace, deionized (DI) water system
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Kansas Home Inspection License FooPah

NACHI - Sat, 04/13/2013 - 22:18
As most of you know, When it was originally passed the Kansas Licensing Law was "Sunseted" till June or July of 2013

What that meant was certain Senate or Committee Members had doubts of the number of problems the real estate community kept telling them that home inspectors had caused AND some of the other concerns Realtors brought up.

So the Bill was NOT permanent BUT was TEMPORARY & "Sunsetted" this year. The Realtors, Trial Attorneys and select members of the KAREI / ASHI group have done their calling, writing, etc and CONVINCED the legisators LICENSING has cleaned up the profession in Kansas and reduced the consumer complaints to only 2-3 in the 3+ years of licensing. Actually as you know 4 years ago when we checked with the AG's Office, BBB and Consumer Groups like HADD we found out we weren't perfect BUT had less complaints than FLORISTS.

In short the hundreds OR thousands of complaints were NOT there.

Anyway the legislators PASSED the Bill or otherwise approved KEEPING the Bill in place. NOW the SURPRISE

Governor Brownbacks Office VETOED it. I'm told UNLESS the legislators OVERTURN the Governors Veto, its DEAD.

I'm also told that the Governors Office did NOT feel that UNLICENSED home inspectors had created SIGNIFICANT harm to the Kansas public; AND under the Boards original leadership (I will not repeat the name mentioned) the Board had not demonstrated the ability to provide leadership or direction to the home inspection profession in Kansas.

PS .... Now I guess its possible that home inspectors in KS writing the Governor OR the legislators could PERMANENTLY kill the Bill

Interesting .................

Dan Bowers, CRI, ACI, CMI

Certified Real Estate Inspector, NAHI
Certified Master Inspector, iNACHI
ASHI Certified Inspector #1038
Certified Mold Inspector
FHA Compliance Inspector
FHA 203k Consultant, Plan Reviewer
EDI Certified Stucco / EIFS Inspector
Licensed HVAC Contractor / Technician
NRSB Certified Radon Measurement Specialist
Code Certified Residential Dwelling Inspector
Licensed Building Contractor - 1&2 Family
Flir Certified Level I Thermographer

What is the future of the industry?

NACHI - Sat, 04/13/2013 - 21:19
I apologize in advance because I have a feeling this post is going to be rather long-winded. I suffer from insomnia at times and find it difficult to sleep. My mind begins to wander and race and they think of many things maybe some are important, maybe some aren't so important.

But in reflection of all the controversy and negativity that has been presented in our professional forum it makes me reflect and think about many aspects of our profession.
I will digress a bit…. I went to the dentist today and when all was said and done in about an hour and 45 min. I had to pay a bill of $1832. I paid the bill without thinking about it too much and when I day for a little bit. I then thought, what made me pay that amount of money without question? The answer came rather fast, well he's a dentist! That's what Dentists charge.

So then I tried to compare his profession to my profession. Granted he has a ton more formal education but what really are the differences? His liability is if somebody gets injured, they get an infection, he does the wrong treatment, and I guess someone could die.

I then thought about my profession. In my profession, should I be negligent, it can cause personal injury, significant injury and possible death. Yet, I get paid nowhere near the amount of money he gets paid. Why is that? Please understand that I am not thinking we should get paid what professional doctors make, but we should be making a whole lot more than we are.

So then, I ask myself why not? Why in the hell are we not charging at least $1200 for a basic home inspection? Once again the answer came very quickly to me, because we have set a standard so low that the general public does not feel we are worth that fee. So then you must ask yourself, why does the general public not have a positive professional aspect of what we do and feel that we deserve professional wages? For that, I have no answer. But I do have a cause. The cause is simply, we do not project a professional image to the rest of the world. Who is at fault for that? I would have to say, the majority of the seasoned inspectors (me included). We sit back and we wonder and bicker and argue like children, call each other morons, chubby and every other silly name and then think we demand professionalism from the general public. How can they give respect when we don’t even respect our own organization, fellow inspector and profession?

We keep listening to the “experts” telling us what to do. And yet how many of the experts are actually experts? How many of them perform 6 figures a year? How many perform 7 figures a year? If you think income is not a good measuring device for business success, well we strongly disagree. If I say I have 100% customer satisfaction for 10 years running and only performed 10 home inspections, its not really an accomplishment is it?

But then most people look at successful people like Dale Duffy, Jeff Pope and they see these people as the standard within our profession. I hate to tell you, they are far from standard. They are exceptional. I think it was maybe Chris Currins or Gary Farnsworth stating that they actually made MORE money 10 years ago per inspection, then they do now. Think about it, that is not even taking into account for inflation!

So the “experts” in all their infinite wisdom have lead us down a path of less money! And now we listen to them. Really? To me it is very very evident that what we are presently doing SUCKS. Unless your into philanthropy and doing more for less. This proves the saying ‘Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is INSANE’, and it is. And yet it is what they preach. Why?
Things have to change and they must change in a huge way. Forget about the way things are done. We have to think way outside the box and get consumer confidence and the image of professionalism. How do we do that? Well there is the question; I do not have the answer to. But I do know what works in certain areas (for me anyways).

As I have been reading the negative posts, there are several areas not talked about. Be aware without this ONE thing not a single one of us would make a thin dime. What every single business in the entire world needs to survive is a CLIENT. I see all the talk about, OUR aspect, OUR liability, what WE want, what WE feel is good. Does any of that even matter, at all? To me, what I want is NOTHING. What the client desires is EVERYTHING.

I am NOT pushing a 90 day warranty, just using it as an example because of the all the controversy.

How many people actually ask their client “Would you prefer to have a 90 day warranty or not? Hell I go to Costco and damn near buy everything I can from there. Why? The RETURN policy is the ONLY reason. Hell, I can find it cheaper online, but I like getting it now and if it sucks, take it back. I have been a shopper there for about 10 years and I don’t even price shop, if Costco has it, I buy it from there. Now here is the kicker, I have only returned ONE thing in 10 years. How crazy is that? But that ONE time made such an impression on me that they performed to obtain my consumer confidence.
So once again, ask your client, would you prefer a 90 day warranty with that or not? What do you think they would say? Really? I bet most would say, HELL YES! So if the client would want it, they why not? Are we not suppose to please and appeal to the client?

Let me guess, what if the warranty doesn’t pay? You look like crap and your reputation is RUINED, you will be tar and feathered and run out of town. OR, maybe just maybe….You can make it right. My reputation is in my hands and I am in control of it. If someone calls me totally upset, I try to make it right, even if they are wrong. Why? Its basic numbers to me. Happy clients lead to more money. Many hear talk about the liability. What liability? If the claim doesn’t get paid? Who cares? Make it right yourself and YOU deal with the warranty company on your terms.

Any added service comes with liability. Warranties and thermal cameras are the exact same thing. They have a fee and they open you up to liability. But does it COST you anything if you make money from it? Meaning if I increase my revenue by $10,000 a year by having a thermal infrared camera, but it costs me $1500 a year to maintain is it financially beneficial to me? I would say yes. So now everything is the SAME. If I can get 100 more people singing my praises and exponentially increasing my volume at a higher fee, but costs me $2000 one time every 5 years, is it worth it? I would say YES. So instead of liability, liability, liability, look at it from a PROFESSIONAL businessman’s eyes and determine if the gains far outweigh the actual costs. Not the perceived costs, the actual costs. To live a life of “what if’s and negative scenarios you will amount to nothing, in ANYTHING you do”.

Things will not improve by themselves, they must improve as an effort of a few, some, many. We are NOT a profession. Want me to prove it? We make far less than we should given the liability we have. What YOU as an individual think we are is NOTHING, it is what the general public or the “client” perceives you as. As I said before, do not look at Dale Duffy and Jeff Pope as the norm, they are not. They are exception businessmen with a insight and portray a professional presence and command a professional fee.

So now, I have proven what we are doing doesn’t work, where we are is not working, and we have no real direction after what, 30 years? It is not what I can do about it, its what can WE do about it? That is not for me to decide, but these are the ranting and thoughts of an old, fat guy with insomnia. Food for thought and maybe, just maybe professional dialogue can begin and progress to professionalism can begin with this very thread…Who knows?

Vote for Best Defect Picture for April

NACHI - Sat, 04/13/2013 - 18:32
Please take a moment and vote for your best Defect Picture for this Month.


They paved around this heatpump, go figure...
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Rafters? We don't need no stinking rafters. (or clearance)
Attached Thumbnails


4x4 floor joists cut and spliced with 2x4's with a gap in between
Attached Thumbnails


"There used to be a moisture problem..... Wait!, you're going under there?"

Not that unusual, it was just funny the way the guy said it.
Attached Thumbnails


Make sure you walk through the middle of the kitchen - the house might tip over.
Attached Thumbnails


Everyone knows for proper support you need Campbell Soup Chunky style
Attached Thumbnails


What do you mean the gas meters is a bad location?
Attached Thumbnails


I'm not sure if this structure is meant to support a sod farm...
Attached Thumbnails


"Uh, Mr. Inspectorman, we've had a slight set-back since you were here last"!

(And no, Mr. Inspectorman was not advised of any "change orders" prior to arrival)!
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Dont you think we would see stains in the ceiling if the roof leaked?
Attached Thumbnails


Homeowner..... I don't know how it happened but the whole dam roof cracked
Attached Thumbnails


Yes, I lifted the rug. But only because I felt a slight depression in the floor.
Attached Thumbnails


there is a main electrical shut off under this waterfall
Attached Thumbnails


They were going to install a big beautiful picture window, so they cut out the framing, left the brick in place & were ready to receive the window.

When the window arrived & it was the wrong size. So they just framed up the hole & stuck a clock on the brick, put an awesome antique train in at the bottom & called it a day.
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Sure wish I had a better pic. This plastic tube ran from the condensate drainage pump up to and friction fit on to a half inch cpvc pipe. that cpvc pipe was jammed into another plastic tube and attached to copper tubing and then they even put in a small trap before heading back up to another connector about a couple inches long and the other end was fit over a threaded six inch nipple which was screwed into a drilled and threaded hole in the existing drain pipe. I thought it was a rather clever mickey mouse setup and since it was drainage and obviously low pressure, I did not make much of a stink about it but pointed it out as a rather unorthadox setup
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A true can light. Is this IC rated?:grin:
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The new weep hole sprinkler system
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New Inspetor

NACHI - Fri, 04/12/2013 - 20:54
Hello, I am a new inspector in Indiana. Any advise on gaining work? Do most new guys work for someone else? Thank you ..

House Fire

NACHI - Fri, 04/12/2013 - 19:45
Had a house fire, should the fiberglass insulation between the logs that were exposed to extensive smoke and water be replaced or cleaned?
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