Number of registered users of this inspector message board just topped 35,000.

NACHI - Wed, 03/27/2013 - 10:56
That's users who actually registered to use this message board.

Onwards and upwards!

Ohio Training Seminars

NACHI - Wed, 03/27/2013 - 09:59
Posted with Nick Gromicko permission:

ASHI on The Road Regional Meetings

These training events are FREE to all Associates, ACI’s of ASHI, CRI’s of NAHI, and members of InterNACHI and are approved for 2 CE’s with each association

Northeast Region

When: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Time: 6:00 – 6:30 PM registration - Training will start promptly @ 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Where: Twinsburg Public Library – 10050 Ravenna Road – Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
Topic: Roofing – New, Old, Residential & Commercial
Speaker: Ken Harrington – Ohio Chapter of ASHI – President

Contact: David Christopher @ 330-815-0013 to register

*Seating is limited - you are strongly encouraged to register!

Southwest Region

When: Thursday, April 25, 2013
Time: 6:00 – 6:30 PM registration - Training will start promptly @ 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Where: Cincinnati State Community College Work Force Development Center – 10100 Reading Road – Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
Topic: HVAC Identification and Inspections, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners
Speakers: Ken Harrington – Ohio Chapter of ASHI – President & Tim Buell – ASHI National Board of Director

Contact: John Cordell @ 513-793-3552 to register

*Seating is limited - you are strongly encouraged to register!

FREE food, light snacks, Sponsored by Palm-Tech, to be served.

When to actually call a window defective?

NACHI - Tue, 03/26/2013 - 02:54
I ran into a situation last week that really got me thinking. We know all thermally insulated windows have a shelf life and will begin to have gas leaks at some point in time. If I notice a defective thermal seal within a new window or the common 3-year warranty period than I would definitely consider it defective, however, if a window is far beyond it's warranty and I notice it just starting to lose it's thermal seal, would it really be fair to report it as being "defective"?

Reporting a window as being "defective" will often prompt the buyer to ask for a repair or replacement but it doesn't really seam fair to ask a seller to repair or replace something that's "beginning" to show signs of deterioration but also still functioning as intended. Basically everything in or on the house is "beginning" to become defective when you really stop an think about it.

Over the past few years, I've often reported windows as being defective when noticing thermal patterns indicating an argon gas leak. I believe I've been in slight error in my reporting methods. If something is in the process of going bad due to common aging than it's not really "defective". Wouldn't you agree?

I was scanning a house last week that was 7 years old and noticed a few windows that indicated a thermal seal leak. I decided not to report the windows as being "defective" because they weren't showing signs of condensation, still contained argon gas, were still pressurized and providing an R value, and were beyond the common warranty period.

When you discover windows in the same conditions as these, do you report them as defective or within the Repair or Replace section of the report or just leave it alone?

Sorry for the long post..
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30-06 for below

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 21:25
Please follow link if you need a nice hunting rifle:

Remington 30-06

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 21:23
I have a Remington 30-06 model 740 with a Bushnell 3 X 9 scope with see through scope ring/mounts.

Great condition and a tack driver at 100 yards  Contact me for pictures and to negotiate price.

It was my first 30-06 and I have 2 others since my father passed away so I am willing to sell this one. It has nice fancy checkering on the nice wood stock.

Call me anytime after 10:00am EST 954-922-0584

Throat depth?

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 20:39
I'm having trouble locating a minimum throat depth requirement for interior stair stringers, although I have found a couple of references to 5" for deck stairs. Can anyone cite a reference?
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electrolysis or not on the supply line?

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 19:14
I am not sure which plumber to believe. One says to not be concerned about the green stuff and the other say's it is a leak waiting to happen. what say you?
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Should of brought my Blankie

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 17:57
For my Senior citizen nap the floor was nice and warm.

I sure am seeing a lot of thse heated floors anymore perhaps its the quality of homes ya think
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Expansion Tank

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 15:59
I live in the southeast where about 25% of homes have gas water heaters.
(Florida) are all gas water heaters required to have expansion tank if so where is proper placement of the tank?

Is there a real need for Commercial Inspections?

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 15:11
Bill Warner and I were having breakfast with Nick and Chris this morning.

Nick asks, ....Dale, how much of a need is there for commercial inspections?

About two seconds after Nick asked the question SMOKE started to flow from an air conditioning duct right above Nicks head, we could smell wire burning.

I'm not making this up folks, strike me dead, the God honest truth, I couldn't believe I was watching smoke billowing from the air condition register about two second after Nick asked the question.

We left the restaurant, I could hear sirens walking back to the house Nick rented.

Here is one for John Bubber

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 14:19
A home built in 1952. Homeowner recently spent $7,000+ to install an interior perimeter floor drain system with sump pump because of water leaking through a horizontal crack. The appraiser for the new buyer flagged the crack as a structural problem and I was called to evaluate the issue. Turns out the horizontal crack was a cold joint about 2 foot from top, all the way around the foundation. The wall structure was fine, walls were straight and no signs of shoving. The water seeping through the cold joint was the result of poor surface grading and downspouts discharging next to the foundation. Four downspout extensions and simple grading in one small area was all that was needed.
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commercial insp cost

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 10:28
Is there a average to start at per sq foot like office starts at 10 cents per sq then add the extras or whse starts at 15 cents plus.

Does any one run into bottom feeders like the $150 home inspectors

To all Canadian Inspectors

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 07:55

Claude and Bill should be made to publicly address "all NHICC card holding members " including PHPIC & ENIEB and by issuing a press release with a full formal apology.
A public section of their website should directly address any miss stated representation so there is no misunderstanding of what has been less than truthful promotion from a body promoting itself as a quasi public authority with high standards.
Since they play fast and loose with facts it calls into question other aspects of NHICC and PHPIC.
NHICC/PHPIC were not and are not compliant with SSC standards - CAN P9.

This has been confirmed by Standards Council Canada who have issued formal requests to have the erroneous statements removed.

Formerly NHICC stated openly and from day one on their website the following, which since has been updated recently due to complaints to Standards Council of Canada, and ICE - Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

In addition, all roles and responsibilities related to the NCP explicitly
aligned to CAN-P-9 criteria (ISO certification) /or alternatively ICE - NCCA accredited.
The status of all former "certificate holders" (Now National Home
Inspectors™), Candidates, and accredited course providers would revert to
that existing model prior to abolition, thus reducing the hardship on

The NHICC has established that its By-Laws, Policies and Procedures that mirror CAN-P-9/ICE compliance.
It also seeks additional accreditation with organizational ties that align with ISO Accreditation.

However the recruitment arm of PHPIC continues to be in breach by continuance of promoting false facts.
Standards Council of Canada has informed them to remove the erroneous statements as well.
But at this point in time PHPIC is not in abeyance.

No other Canadian professional home inspection association can match the credentials of a PHPIC inspector.
PHPIC’s, PHPI™ inspectors are the only Canadian Home Inspectors who have received accreditation through an independent certification body.
PHPIC is the only Canadian Home and Property Inspection Association that is in reasonable compliance with the Standards
Council of Canada, CAN-P-9 criteria.

NHICC also misrepresented talks with CSA, this too created a storm of controversy and again NHICC was taken to task for embellishments which upon further investigation and discussions with CSA turned out to be a continuance of exaggerations.
Ditto statements about NHICC and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence - ICE.

Many of us are fed up with NHICC/PHPIC setting rules they themselves don't abide by will continue to monitor NHICC/PHPIC for inappropriate misleading statements, and will continue to inform the appropriate overseeing bodies should NHICC/PHPIC fall short of quality characteristics of their professional commitment and to ensure its credibility are sound and reliable.

Aquaguard waterproofing Beltsville Maryland

NACHI - Mon, 03/25/2013 - 03:51
caption....'I thought Aquaguard waterproofing was a reputable company....they subcontracted out the entire job to unlicensed sub,never telling me....perimeter drainage system is looks like cost $13,000+

More here
Sales inducement.......
When asked about the accuracy of statements made by Aquaguard....'every week they go out and LIE' (yeah and so do 99.9% of these interior system companies...yep)

....Saleman touted himself as a 'senior inspector'.....lolOloLOlLLLL!! So much bullshtt man.

When asked about the accuracy of the forms, Aquadorks says....'it's outdated'. LOL!

See 2 sump pumps plus the dumb az interior drainage system/concrete torn up aong walls(mira drain bullshtt) plus friggin tar on the INSIDE walls, just another example of Interior shtt-breath,lying,incompetent,fraudulent companies.
Tell ya, anyone who continues to recommend SHTTT like this to homeowners is an assho LE! Got that? Got milk?

S C A M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M!
Yer consumers CHECKBOOK recommendation is fcd up, WRONG dude!!!!!
...'Don't ask a basement waterproofing contractor for help until you are absoluetly sure you need one?!!!!?????? lol Eh....this is TRUE for any inside system scam-fk company sure but not anyone like my azz. Eh, please tell me just how many would SOLVE their g damn problem with out contacting SOME of us!!! Shtt, they'd likely run into the same shtt, call the same inside system azzholes even after they tried the DUMB az raising,sloping grade etc,bullshtt man! SO call, ask for help from....a home inspector? Really? lolol Most i know around here won't find,identify the actual problem 'cuz they are simply not a fcg expert on this subject.

Send me yer complete modern guide to basement waterproofing, send it to my dumb azz, ill read the mfr THEN we'll see whether yer full of SHTTT eh. Hmm, so NOW this dude is an expert eh, lolol!!!

Very very fkg tired of stooooopid incompetent statements aka SUPPOSED solutions/recommendations from quite a few who are NOT not NOT g dang experts on this g damn subject (no azz hole, you are NOT) incl'g many city inspectors, many realtors, some home inspectors....especially here in g damn Michigan(many applies here), media mfrs and so on.

Example, since quite a few homeowners have finished basements lets try this scenario...
finished bsmt,homeowner leaks/seeps at-along I-joint aka cold joint aka fcg cove in 1 or 2 areas. Some HI's,many realtors etc will tell seller/buyer SHTT like, all ya need to do is raise/slope the grade and-or extend downspout extensions away from stoooopid house.........WRONG ANSWER!!!

How could ANYONE say this, recommend this, BELIEVE THIS?!?!?!
Are you kidding! lolol
How can YOU recommend anything WITHOUT identifying the actual problem(s) SUCH AS,
how will raising/sloping the dumb azz GRADE or, extending downspout extensions 99 bottles of beer...oops, 99 miles away from stooopid house etc, how will THAT CRRRRAP fix,repair,waterproof etc the actual problems LIKE....
-a crack in the stoopid wall
-a open,leaky rod hole(s)
-1 or more openings,gaps around,above ground level like an open mortar joint or openings/gaps around,under,above a basement window,doors etc.
-a blockage,clog in lateral line

Ask again, please tell my dumb fcg azz exactly how ya's figure recommending to homeowners raising,sloping the grade, longer downspout ext's etc will fix,waterproof,tuckpoint,snake these actual problems!!!!!!! Fk!
I see/read this SHTTT on MANY HI websites and of course elsewhere, its fcg WRONG man.
Since when did you become an expert on this-subject.

The SAME example above goes for ANY INTERIOR SYSTEM company who ALWAYS recommends installing that bullshttt, regardless of the ACTUAL problem(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Homeowner with finished bsmt has, lets say, one++ leaky open rod holes, water is ONLY seen at-along the FKKKKG cove,i joint.......YET, these inside system incompetent clowns will almost always say,recomend installing an interior system,almost always with a stoooopid sump pump.....and sometimes TARRING the inside walls!!!!! lolol

Same happens when there is an exterior crack,cracked parging on block walls....water is seen at bottom of wall-floor YET......inside system companies do NOT identify this, they could care less!!

Jesus KRIIIIIST, many homeowners have 1 area, 1 exterior crack in block wall, like a corner (see my stinky but real g dang photos), so...all they need is THAT small section done,waterproofed outside....cost between 1,000--1,200 most of the time VERSUS, NOT fixing that crack correctly from the outside and instead having some inside system company recommend and install an interior system, often w/sump pump that will NOT 'stop' the water from where its coming in!!!!! And, it'll cost alot more than 1,200!!!!
And a few FC-wads wonder why i get pizzed?????????????? lol d i e plz!!!!

Video, Unfair Sales Practice? Yes, yer g damn right it is!!!!!!!
There has been at LEAST 3 home improvement radio talk show HOSTS (on air locally n likely fkg elsewhere) who've HIGHLY recommended these azz ho's and some other inside system co's who do the EXACT same shtttt! These PINHEADS get PAID from the inside system co's to promote/recommend 'em, just like the BBB. NEITHER these hosts or the BBB is anything close to an expert on this subject and of course don't do their homework on this shtt and blindly believe their every word plus, like i said and know, its all about the MONEY, getting paid regardless of homewoners getting fcd over. And they ALL profess to be every listeners best friend!!! lololol Eh, lolol, this alone may pizz off a few, at least 2 of these hosts are church-going, supposed HOLY azz....republicans! lolol

Perma Seal in could any supposed HONEST EXPERT 'EVER' get something like this wrong....huh
How many HI's, realtors,dorks in the media recommend THESE terds

New Jersy piece of shtt inside system company
Hey pinhead Al owner of "We're a piece of shtt water-diverting company and will fc you every chance we git' Al, come to Detroit, yes duh Murder cap, have a few drinks with the good bros here man, come on,lets see how much YOU like getting fcd

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, eaten

A new one for me - any ideas?

NACHI - Sun, 03/24/2013 - 22:20
Inspected an 1880 shotgun, barge board framing, pier and beam construction. There was a wire cable stretched between the two side sills, in about the middle of the house, and clamped on both ends. It was inserted through a drilled hole in each sill.

I inspect a lot of old houses and have never seen anything like this before. Any ideas?

Photos of house and cable: All original architectural details of the house have been long removed.

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Attachment 63489
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Bilingual Inpsector

NACHI - Sun, 03/24/2013 - 20:52
Anyone bilingual in Tampa?

Spring is the Time for Infrared Roof Inspections

IRINFO - Sun, 03/24/2013 - 08:05
With onset of warmer weather, the harshness of winter is but a fading memory for most. Left undetected, the damage caused by winter’s fury is a reality that can lead to premature roof failure.

Spray Foam and Fiberglass Insulation

NACHI - Sat, 03/23/2013 - 21:30
Yesterdays inspection had an unvented attic space with spray foam insulation on the roof under side. It also had loose fill fiberglass on the attic floor. Does the added fiberglass compromise anything with the unvented attic space. Also there were a couple of spots that were open in the soffit areas where condensate lines exited through the soffit and the ceiling over the front porch had vented vinyl siding.

Drinking Beer and Pouring Concrete?

NACHI - Sat, 03/23/2013 - 20:16
Can't call this a defect, but it really had me intrigued today. Why would you sink pop or beer cans in the concrete? My guess was they were "forms" for a future post for a handrail or guardrail of some sort. Who knows?

Never surprised-Always amazed...
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